President / CEO

Company Name:
Tetradyn Ltd
We need a president level senior executive who can organize an effective and capable management team including a new board of directors. TETRADYN consortium has developed a unified product that serves consumers - We employ Internet extensively with both media and device technologies. Our customer base ranges from individuals / families to businesses / agencies including schools, Children and youth, hospitals, food producers, investors, artists and even insurers. We have products and services both on site and online for the customers. This is small group of companies with interests ranging from Science, Technology, Engineering, biomedical, healthcare, energy, security, environment, investments and financial. In our group we have for profit and not-for-profit entities.
Must be able to lead a dynamic aggressive compact team of product development, marketing and financial members meeting the deadlines, improving the quality with in budget while maintaining digital security. Think like the cyber attackers that will be consumed with the desire to break into your code ASAP.
Experience and knowledge of web applications, Linux OS, different data bases, analytics, hands-on knowledge of APIs for major social media, gaming, medical or military, mapping, RFID devices, large databases accessed real-time for millions of transactions, content development, 3D world graphics, experience with artificial intelligence, information security, and active in social media as a user-participant-observer and finally project management
Enthusiasm, attitude and aptitude count the most.
Prefer MS / PhD in Engineering or Computer Sciences
You must have at least 10 years of experience and the last three being in the senior position. If qualified, experienced, interested and if available, please send your resume in word format with references ASAP. We need more people in this capacity as we would be spinning out few of our entities in 2015 and 2016, you will have a better chance to lead one of them. Prefer local people of Minneapolis-St. Paul and others in MN and WI ok.

Don't Be Fooled

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