Marketing manager

Company Name:
Tetradyn Ltd
TETRADYN consortium has developed a unified product that serves consumers - We employ Internet extensively with both media and device technologies. Our customer base ranges from individuals / families to businesses / agencies including schools, Children and youth, hospitals, food producers, investors, artists and even insurers. We have products and services both on site and online for the customers. This is small group of companies with interests ranging from Science, Technology, Engineering, biomedical, healthcare, energy, security, environment, investments and financial. In our group we have for profit and not-for-profit entities.
http://tetradyn.com = All about our company
http://youtu.be/EdCvpYBdh3Q = You will enjoy this 20 minute video
http://qcmp.instinnovstudy.org/portal = You love this portal
QUALIFICATIONS: A college degree. Prefer MBA and digital marketing experience.
General: We would be spinning out few entities in 2016. 2017 and 2018. If you are already in the group, you would have a better chance for heading one of them. Enthusiasm, attitude and aptitude count the most. Experience in community and professional organizations is plus. Prefer people in Minneapolis, MN or Chicago, IL or anywhere in between!
If qualified, experienced, interested and if available immediately, please send your resume in word format with references ASAP. If you are not interested or not available, please refer it to your friends.
Rao Mandava
Tetradyn Ltd
708 349 7318

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