Entrepreneurial Marketing Director

Company Name:
Tetradyn Ltd
We are interested in an Entrepreneurial Marketing Director . The name of our company is Tetradyn and our product is SEED. http://seed.tdyn.org
One specific joint-venture project underway is in the domain of telemedicine, remote medical services and informatics, and it pertains to international as well as very local-USA markets and populations (Cook County, Chicago, also Nashville and Atlanta).
This is all leading in the direction of issuing offer letters for you and others being senior management executives in TetraDyn Ltd., or minimally, on the Board of Directors, and with specific terms of equity, compensation (including benefits), and plans for options that include taking the helm of specific spin-off business units.
The developments with our projects are moving fast forward as a result of ongoing discussions with people in India (Andhra Pradesh) and also in Geneva (CH) and USA. Koins and other CUBITs are ready to proceed into production (third-party, subcontractors, outsourcing) ASAP.
Yes, there is a complex configuration of things that need to happen all at the same time.
Time has come for defining and refining what you have as a serious long-term interest, as needs/desires with respect to a long term insider relationship with TetraDyn and its offshoots and spin-offs. We want yto fulfill the needs of too many while taking care of the needs of the few.
QUALIFICATIONS: A college degree. Prefer MBA and digital marketing experience. We would be spinning out few entities in 2016, 2017 and 2018. If you are already in the group, you would have a better chance for heading one of them. Enthusiasm, attitude and aptitude count the most. Experience in community and professional organizations is plus.
Responsibilities: All marketing and sales including digital marketing in social media. The products are mass marketable.
Must have prior experience working on consumer products or healthcare or gaming or security products.
Enthusiasm and aptitude and team spirit are essential. International marketing experience is a definite plus.
We can describe more about this by phone or on Skype with our president. If interested, please send your resume in word format. Thanks for your time
Thank you,
Rao Mandava
708 349 7318

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